Monday, August 3, 2009

Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage

After wrecking my way through 4 silk screens- I now present TWO NEW RONIN DOJO COMMUNITY COLLEGE T-SHIRTS!

The first one is a sweet baby blue number, which you can see Mr. Tom Callow rockin' in the picture above. I don't know if anything else could make that shirt look as cool, outside of a dragon or something.
The second is a yellow and black on white number, in a very punk rock fashion aka I line all this shit up by hand, so it's got a fun DIY feel to it.
I don't have a cool picture of someone in this shirt, but feel free to order one and take some picture of yourself in it that challenges the epic-ness of flames and a staff.

Both are hand printed onto American Apparel fine jersey tees. Available in the For Tax Reasons merch section in about every damn size that exists INCLUDING the lady sizes- or "girly" sizes as they're called in the industry. Seems more polite to call them lady sizes though.

We're hoping to have some more non-clothing merchandise up soon, but until then go check them out, buy one, and take funny pictures of yourself in it. It'll be sweet.


Anonymous said...

Your DIY spirit is indeed enviable, but like most Americans (and most of the other nerds who are into this stuff) I'm a bit of a fatty.

That means I have no use for AA shirts (yes, even the non-fitted ones) and white is definitely not my color. Nor are any shades you might use to paint a nursery or direct traffic.

When your first shirt came out I figured it was a noob mistake, but this wave has me concerned. I need your merch bad, but I need to be able to wear it in public even more.

Anonymous said...

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