Friday, August 7, 2009

A Hastily Thrown Together, Vaguely Themed Post

"Geology is a study of pressure and time. That's all it really takes, pressure and time. . . that and a goddamn big poster. . ."-- Red, The Shawshank Redemption

So here's a quick post about a couple things I've been working on. This is a rough version of the poster for Carlapalooza 2009. It's a punk show Mr. Chadd Derkins puts on to benefit MS. I drew the poster for the 2007 show and Chadd was nice enough to ask me back.

So for this year I
decided to run with the battle theme again. Check it out. Looking a the old poster, I felt like it was a bit flat. I decided this year I should make the angle a bit more dynamic- throw in some perspective. It should be my official motto for 2009- "throw in some perspective". That or "fruit on the bottom". I don't know, I've been eating a lot of yogurt lately.

The project I've been steadily chipping away at is the Teenage Bottlerocket video. (this is my attempt to stick with this post's theme.)

One thing I've learned, while making this video, is it's hard to draw hands holding drumsticks. I don't know why, but it's always looks weird when I do it. I think it's the thumb placement.

It's double-y frustrating when you have trouble drawing hands. Not only are you failing at something so essential and basic, but you have the perfect reference right in front of you and you still can't figure out where a knuckle should go. Baffling.

Something I DO need photo reference for are the dreaded crowd shots.
It's always tough to come up with a bunch of random characters and poses. I usually have to look up some photos from shows and just pick out people from the crowd. Otherwise, I end with these really lame, unimaginative people cluttering up the scene.

Thank goodness for the internet and Flickr though. Because I mean, seriously, how often do you look at a man's crowd shots.


Ashley said...

I'm going to pretend that the blue girl in the front is me!

Ben said...

Actually it's more like the girl behind the dude with glasses and a beard is you.

Ashley said...

aww is it really? aw shucks, ben. but i'm always in the front row! :D

:: smo :: said...

nice dude! i dig it! it looks like you're really diggin that cintiq too, cool!

i agree with the drumsticks and i give you lots of credit for making a film! it seems like whenever i have some free time i spend it loafing around my room thinking about stuff i should do, and that doesn't get me anywhere!

also! my little brother said he saw the slackers documentary i think you had a hand in? he said to tell you it was really awesome!

Gibbous Moon said...

My class motto for 2008 was "crop that shit!"

I think 2009 might still be the same.

Really, it's just good to have mottos.

Stephen Sloan said...

Lovin those roughs, behind the scene's stuff is--the--best.

Lookin' forward to the finished vid.

Ben said...

Thanks Smo, I do loaf aka nap too much still, but I try my best to be productive. It's just fucking hard when it's so hot out, makes me sleepy.

Yeah I directed and edited that whole Slackers documentary sha-bang. Glad your bro liked it. I have to put it up on IMDB when I get the chance.

Ben said...

Thanks Stephen yeah I like putting up any behind the scenes stuff I can. It kind of sucks you can't really post about any freelance work you do, so that's why I usually go to town on my showing my own shit.

Chadd Derkins said...

I love the C-palooz poster this year, dude. I imagine multiple sclerosis at the bottom of that hill, about to get blown back to hell!