Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rising Up, Back On The Streets

Ok, it doesn't look like much stacked on my floor like that, but those folders contain the 865 drawings I just finished scanning that make up the new animated short, codenamed: IIUM/KUS.

Hmmm, 865 still doesn't seem like that much. Considering the months and months of drawing. Well maybe if I put it in giga terms:

Scanned at a index-finger-blistering range of 300 to 900 DPI, those graphite-laden motherfuckers take up approximately 18.75 GIGABYTES of memory. If this were 1993, you'd need a motherboard melting stack of 15,625
" floppy disks to hold all of that data. How do you like them animated apples?

Matt's already half way done cleaning the photoshop files, and coloring should begin by Monday. Man, we've been working non stop on this bastard. I need an intern.

Anyways, I promise to deliver it soon. Until then, more updates, and in COLOR. For now, here's this rough sketch I did for the next "Shut Up and Do It" compilation. It's 4 punk kids putting together a puzzle of America.

It will look good whatever. Check out the first comp, it's sweet New York and New Jersey pop punk bands. You can download it for free here:

Until next time.

Boy Fights & Robot Rights

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

OMG We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

Yep. We're back. Or I'm back. And principal animation is done! We're still waiting on the second unit in Chicago to finish some backgrounds and establishing shots at Wrigley Field, but we're on our way. So to celebrate, here's a little test Matt and I did, messing with anime speed lines:

Oh man, looking at my user photo I think I gained some weight. This animation is gonna kill me if this humidity doesn't first.

Hot Sahara Nights
Robot Rights.