Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Triple Track!

Weight Lifter
The Photoshop painting isn't my usual style but I think it looks ok. I made the original in 600 DPI in case I ever wanted to print a poster of it or something.

Also, here's a sketch of a ska t-shirt design I've been working on.
I tried to make the girl's hair like Elyse Rogers' from the Dance Hall Crashers, but right now it looks too rmessy. I'm still searching for a hairdo a little shorter/tucked back and maybe more 90's-ish. If anyone has some sweet 90's ska pics link them my way.

Man, do you realize just how many Dance Hall Crashers videos there are? A lot. For a band that, as far as I can recall, on MTV much past maybe Skaturday, they sure pulled together some bank to make awesome super saturated 90's videos- and then this one. I guess it was because they were on MCA or something.

Point is, DHC are/is sweet, and I'm glad they have a bunch of videos. Oh and Adrian Tomine, one of my favorite comic book artists, did the cover for their live album:

Definitely one of my favorites.

Cat Fight(s) & Robot Rights

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Allie said...

I want her on my wall. POWER!