Wednesday, August 13, 2008

She's got bangs! And she knows how to use them!

I fixed up and inked up this possible t-shirt design I was working on. It's a ska t-shirt design. I want it to say "i still like ska" on it, because I feel like that's something people want other people to know- that they still like ska.

I tried to draw this semi-90's rude couple, but I can't decide which hair style to go with. In topical Olympic style, here are the three that would get some sort of medal.

1. long hair with head band:
2. long bangs:
3. short bangs:
For some reason, most girls prefer the design with the short bangs. I can't decide yet so I might end up using multiple designs.

I tried out shading them with dots since I'd like to silk screen it myself and I can only do one color. It took me a while to figure out how to do this, but it's pretty simple:

Make a circle of color on a really small canvas and then go to Edit>Define Pattern. And you can make a pattern to use with the paint bucket tool. I would make little white circles over a black background, they weren't as harsh as black circles on white. Since I was working in 400 DPI, my dot canvas' were ranging from 11x11 pixels - 25x25 pixels- anything below 8 was looking like like gray.

Anyways, I'm worried all these details might be too small for my silk screening skills. I don't know. I might try to just do a print them on paper or something. Anyways, here are the other runner ups:

Step right up folks-I got glasses or no glasses, long bangs with no little side thingies, I even have ones where the guy is in a hoodie with or without sunglasses.
Man, all this gray is making me tired.

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Anonymous said...

Better go with 2. Long bangs. Because I plan on buying this shirt.

dmac said...


Ben said...

Hah ok, if I can figure out how to swing this silk screening wise, I'm making three designs.

Ashley said...


jamie said...

i can't tell the difference between 2 and 3... it's like playing the "which one is different" game.

jamie said...

on the photo booth set of them that is.

Ben said...

Hah yeah, she's got those little side burn hanging thingies in 3. What are those called?

Stewart said...

"SBHT." Naturally. Pronounced "spit." ie: "I really like your spits..."

Then just enjoy the ensuing confusion.

Seriously, its like the baskin n' robbins of bangs.

But in order for us to really help you to decide, the real question you should be asking is "what yet unidentified and inadequately expressed social commentary/human condition am I attempting to communicate with said bangs."

I vote for 8. Unless 7 is better and I can't see the difference.

Dave said...

did a shirt design ever make it to the printer? Where can I pick one up?