Friday, June 8, 2007

Side Projects are Never Successful aka Wings Is Just Taxi/Cheers In An Airport

So, we got a rough cut of the new animated short- code named IIUM/KUS. And with the rough cut I now realize we need roughly 10-12 completely new shots among other little fixes. But it's looking good. And it might be funny. I can't tell. Being with the same script and jokes for over 4 months is like saying "spaghetti time" over and over again. Eventually, the words lose all meaning and you never want to see a Sopranos episode again.

In the meanwhile, two other projects are in the works. Here's a rough storyboard from a music video I'm going to be animating for Mr. Ben Weasel's new upcoming solo album.

She's holding a cell phone. Yeah, that's right. I'm storyboarding and making animatics for my shorts from now on. Leave me alone.

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darrell said...


Ben said...
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Ben said...

I love that song, and the other newly released song Full Sesh. Video is aight, but man, some of those fight moves are kinda complex- I was surprised.

Ah I was gonna post a hyperlink but I suck.

Ashley said...

Wow, I didn't know you were enlisted to do a Ben Weasel video. Congrats, kid!

thomas said...

the against me! video has a sick tornado DDT.

Anonymous said...

Wings is the greatest sitcom show ever run by NBC and USA featuring Crystal whatsherface...I am embarrased to say I used to watch Wings way too much!

Good luck with your work...this ben weasel thing sounds pretty cool