Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stop, Drop, Shut 'Em Down Open Up Shop

Oh man, so I had all these awesome blog posts planned, but shit got crazy and you know what they say- the best laid plans blah blah blah don't play Sun City.

So, almost all of the shots are in After Effects and everything is starting to come together. Here's what it's looking like so far.

Most of the shots aren't as fancy as these, I was just trying to impress people. The majority look more like third image. Man, I'm really kicking myself for not making an animatic. The shots are individually looking ok, but will they piece together well? Probably not.

Oh man, did my computer just make a goat noise? Dude, I gotta get out of here, it's 2 AM.

Barnyard Frights & Robot Rights


thomas said...

holy awesomeness batman, can you make that second pic into a wallpaper?

dust mites and robot rights

Lee Rubenstein said...

I love the character designs! I can't wait to see the final!

clown fights & robot rights

Carrie said...

I, I, ain't gonna play Sun Citaaaaay

Homemade Kites and Robot Rights.

Andrew Coats said...

haha, nice man! It's looking really good. How much work do you have left so I can see it?

bright lights and robot rights.

the bay window. said...

hey awesome.

bagel bites and robot rights.

Ben said...

Hah thanks all. I'm working on the desktop Tom.

My goal is to have this short become so famous, someone makes a animated gif for a message board avatar out of it. I set the bar that high.

Man I'm gonna have to work hard on the next Robot Rights rhyme.

darrell said...

Awesome. Just awesome.

I've been cracking away on my contribution lately, I should have some sort of results in the next few weeks. Sorry for the relative slowness. I guess my signoff should be...

stalactites and robot rights