Saturday, June 23, 2007


The first run of DVD's of my documentary on the ska band The Slackers- aptly titled The Slackers: A Documentary- arrived this past week. It's a feature length documentary I directed slash produced slash edited slash carried around a golf bag of tripods and mic stands doubling as light stands for.

The DVD's will be going on sale online soon, until then the Slackers will be selling them at their shows, so check out their tour dates section of their website.

I also whipped up my own site- for the documentary, and a little trailer for it. Check it out.

Anyways, I'll have more info about where to buy it when it becomes available. But in the meantime thanks to everyone who helped me out on it. I'll give you all copies of the final product because gratitude isn't tangible. But seriously I owe you all. Thanks.

So This Is Night & Robot Rights


darrell said...

The Slackers are well-loved in Japan, in fact they're one of the first things I talked about with my girlfriend before she was my girlfriend. Do you know if the doc is going to be distributed over here?

Mom said...

Congratulations, Ben. The trailer looks great! And not just because I'm your mother.

Billy said...

I am glad I could inspire you to make this epic piece...seriously, congrats man..this is huge worked hard on this and you should feel good...the slackers are gonna be down here in august--the state theatre i think...see you soon man


large marge said...

yay Ben! Finally!