Friday, January 19, 2007

Bunnyslaughter is my new hardcore band.

The second wave of recordings have been recorded! The illustrious New Adults, Adam & Zach, lent their vocal talents to a microphone in an apartment in Queens last night. And Queens saw that it was good. And Queens said, let there be audio editing.

Over the next week I'll be sifting through tons of takes, and probably recording a couple more. But it should be good. Some of the takes gave me the hiccups from laughing. I almost barfed.

I hope it comes together. It's really weird recording dialogue all separate like that. Like one person at a time. That's why I foresee some re-recording. Plus I'm anal like that.

This is gonna be a goofy one, a bit different from the goofiness of "She She She She's A Bombshell". Anyways, in the mean time, check out this pencil test. It's a rough animation of a guy getting hit with a giant hammer and his helmet spinning in the aftermath. It still needs some in betweens and the beard should lag more behind the hit motion. So basically it kinda sucks.

Matthew Lillard's away message is "I'll be right baaaack".

Robot Rights.


darrell said...

Hey, the individual recording thing is how Aqua Teen rolls and you know that shit is funny.

Oh, and I like the pencil test...can't wait for the whole thing.

Bombs on your moms,

Carrie said...

Movable Baby Parts is my new noise/power violence side project. FYI.

Ben said...

Damn, thats a good one.