Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Sup nerds. This is where I'm gonna update shit on what I'm doing. So check it, Stossel.

We got a new animated short in the works, a belated holiday themed one if you will, code named: IIUM/KUS. What could that mean? Only myself and our Lord and savior Gerald Ford know. And since Mr. Ford just died for our sins, your only clues are these rough drawings:

Expect to see it up on YouTube in a couple weeks. Oh it will be linked all across the blogosphere. That is if anyone I know besides Darrell starts a blog. ( I swear Darrell, if you don't link it I'm gonna jump on the next ferry to Japan, stuff some wasabi down your larynx and then apologize for not taking off my shoes. )

And speaking of Darrell, Humidifier vs Dehumidifier shall be destroying your ear drums with some new tunes later this year. Free and illegitimate as always.

More to come on my various projects and certain ska documentaries and such.

I love technology.

Robot Rights.


darrell said...

A couple things...I may have already told one person about your animation and relvealed it's true name...but I think they'll keep it relatively secret.

Also I'm pumped about music for 2007. I can't wait to do some intercontinental recording sessions...plus I'm thinking of starting one or two bands over here if I can get off my lazy ass and just do it.

Thirdly, you should get that Catalyst/MMM split. Dude, you really should. Seriously.

And lastly congrats on dropping a blog. See what I did there? "Dropping a log" is like taking a poop. Consider yourself linked.

tom said...

man, im mad jealous of all of these blog happenings. i wish i had a reason to keep one.

new ted leo in 3 months!

lordstok said...

Wow so after reading your whole blog, back to front of course, I'm damned impressed with your staying power man. I had a crack at animating a year or two ago inbetween Uni (you americans call it college) and work.
I'm studying again at the moment (dammit) but checking out what you have accomplished wants me to dust off the wacom and actually storyboard something (as opposed to trying to animate from scratch!) and give it another whirl.
Gratz on what you have made so far man, really impressive.
JULIAN in Australia
p.s. what's with the crazy Aussie references?