Friday, June 26, 2009


Yep, you read it correctly in the blog post title. July 17th - July 19th, Matt and I will be hitting up Otakon 2009! This time, we won't merely be spectators ready to plant their asses in folding chairs for 80+ hours of anime. Nope, this year we'll be hosting a panel!

It's going to be called "Let's Talk Animation! with For Tax Reasons". We'll be there taking questions and discussing DIY animation; how we do it, how you can do it and how it destroys lives. And to top it all off, we'll be screening the final episode of Ronin Dojo Community College DX: The Digital Pirates of Dark Water Saga. Which we have yet to animate. . . yeah we're cutting it kind of close.

So yeah, I gotta get back to drawing the backgrounds for Episode 3.5, which will be coming out next week. And as soon as we get the exact panel times I'll post them. So if you're going to be at the convention, come to the panel and say hi, or shout derrogatory remarks at us from behind a Trigun cross or something. I dunno, I need to have more recent anime references by July.