Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Is My Life (And It's Ending One Minute At A Time)

FINALLY. Episode 3 of Ronin Dojo Community College DX: The Digital Pirates of Dark Water Saga is DONE!

In this installment, the Fed's have Mark and Barry in a corner with enough evidence to put them away for however long they put you away for pirating a shit load of movies. But a special guest inadvertently comes to their rescue. Nobody puts Barry in a corner!

This one had a lot of trouble behind the scenes. The past three days have had Matt and I up until 5 and 6 in the morning, trying to rush this thing together. I'll post more on that later, but for right now I have to thank the peoples who made this cartoon more awesome than we could.

Big thanks to Tim Martin and Emily Tarver for doing the voices of Hank Henderson and Agent Wilkins. They both have been real good sports about recording in our shanty town style bedroom studio, and always help us come with good lines on the fly. That porcelain city bit- all Tim.

Thanks to Darrell for offering his help in scanning and cleaning all of our shitty drawings.
It's one of the lesser glorious tasks in animation but his help made all the difference.

And thanks to Dan for helping us pull some SFX and Andrew Kudlick and Jonah Beram- we're going to keep reusing the animation you made for us- FOOOREVER.

And to repeat my previous post, Matt and I will be in Boston this Friday and Saturday for a screening the Boston Underground Film Festival is putting on. It's called "New York Spawned A Monster" and it features the animation of famed indie animator Patrick Smith and- me. There's a screening from 6pm-8pm at Space 242, and a Q&A at noon on Saturday at the same place. It's free but you have to RSVP. So come on down, or up, depending on where you live.

Ok, done hocking shit. Here's the Indiana Cat poster Matt put togther. Click on it to get a huge version for your desktop.


Brad O'Farrell said...

I'm somewhat of a connoisseur of cat photos. Which is something I've come to terms with.

But the weird lack of punch line in that Indiana Cat photo is hilarious.

zuriku said...

Still gotta admit it though ben, Allot of your stuff is something that i could see on tv'-
Honestly in my oppinion i see way to many people cheating with flash these days, Alot of them i notice really dont even use more than 1-2 face angles(and im talking about things on Nickleodeon and Cartoonetwork)- Honestly i think this is some highquality work for people not getting paid for it.

konner said...

I wish I could make it to that Boston film festival. Great new episode, the fruit of your efforts is indeed sweet, and well written.

Ben said...

Yeah, I like the blank faced running cat. That's some good photoshopping.

Thanks a lot Zuriku, we really try to put out animation that's as "ok looking" as possible, with the constraints of working a day job and finishing each short within a month. Matt and I still working out the kinks to our system though, but we're glad to know people with discriminatin' tastes dig our stuff.