Monday, January 26, 2009

Episode 2.5!

Check it out folks, it's RDCCDX: The Digital Pirates of Dark Water Saga- Episode 2.5: "Parking Garage Diplomacy".

Oy vey, this was supposed to be a short little mini episode we could easily churn out, but it turned into some Deep Throat-CSM-Work-a-Thon for Matt and I.
But hey, we said we'd release it Monday. I hope somebody noticed that, because we really were working hard to stick to that deadline.

EDIT: Ok, now I got a second to breathe. A big thanks goes out to Tim Martin and Emily Tarver who did the voices as well as collaborated with us and Zack Scheer to make this little ditty. Episode 2.5 was a fun one to work on because it was fresh and new. All of the "full" episodes were written & recorded months ago, so the material feels a bit stale and old to Matt and myself. But for this one, we got to bring everyone into the room together to record and throw around ideas. It was a fun change of pace. We also got to experiment in the drawing department with some lighting and perspective. Even though it nearly drove me insane, I'm please with how the backgrounds turned out. Seriously, I felt like I spent an entire day trying to draw one background. I'll post them later on, I'm too tired right now. I'm going to go eat a banana.


dmac said...

Solid work as always guys. Nice backgrounds, when all was said and done.

Paul Bouchard said...

That was really funny. Great work. I hope you guys get rich some day.

Julian von Rose said...

Fantastic stuff, I laughed I cried... ok no I didn't cry but that was good.

Ben said...

Thanks a lot. My new goal will be to make a cartoon that makes people cry. Tears of joy preferably, but I'd settle for tears of disappointment too.

Anonymous said...

That last part cracked me up all good like.