Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the back- with a tat!

I'm starting 2009 with a first. This is the first ever tattoo of something I've drawn.
That's the right leg of my buddy Darrell, freshly inked with a tattoo I designed for him this past summer. It's a tribute to our friend Dan Hess, and the ska shows that he and Michelle Chin used to put on at this indoor soccer place called the Corner Kick.

Originally, shows were held on the Corner Kick's indoor field, but majority of the shows were put on at the upstairs bar area. This meant that someone had to go downstairs to check that empty, darkened field and locker room every once in a while. Thus, Make-Out Patrol. Dan would take some of us down with flashlights to make the rounds
to make sure no kids were screwing around or making babies.
Those shows at the Corner Kick were lots of fun. They were all ages, and you could see local bands goofing around and playing ska, reggae, punk, rockabilly, and rock. Sometimes there would be some sweet out of town bands coming through, but you knew there would always be Dan and Alex's band The Ratchet Boys playing, with Dan making all sorts of ridiculous jokes and throwing donuts at you.

Dan and Michelle and Rude In DC productions enabled an entire local music scene to exist. They put on these shows, ran, made t shirts for bands- they brought the scene together by giving local bands a place to play and everyone a place to dance and have fun and get a Krispy Kreme in the face. Seeing that Michelle and Dan could make things like this happen on their own was definitely a big inspiration to me.

Dan passed away in 2007, he'll always be missed and never forgotten. Especially, now that Darrell's got a tribute to him emblazoned on his calf. That thing is not coming off in the shower. I went with him when he got the tattoo, there was blood.

Here's a link to a big image of the design.


:: smo :: said...

wow man, i just read the washington post article, it was, well beautiful really. this is a rad design too and it definitely is the right vibe and everything! great work!

sounds like you guys had a really awesome ska scene and dan was a really awesome guy!

Ben said...

Thanks man. Yeah, Dan was really a fun and nice guy. He made the scene great, and I think it really did have a big impact on me. So I hope that Darrell's tattoo is a fitting tribute to all that stuff. Now I need a tat of something.

PS- the Ratchet Boys flyer up there was drawn by Alex Fine, not me.

Jeff Lance said...

Beautiful. I miss the old Corner Kick days...

dmac said...

Nice post. Probably the first and last time my hairy leg will be the subject of a blog post.

Dan and Michelle and everyone really meant so much to me growing up. My life was forever changed by the fact that they believed they could do anything as long as they worked hard. DIY or die, because no one else is gonna do it for you.

Michael said...

great tattoo Ben... one of my fav fo sho! I really like your work same style more advanced and your inking is still always clutch!!! anyways hi long time hope your family is well. Your work is dope.

Michael Scharf said...

oh and as for my fav tattoo my friend got one that says , "hug life" on his stomach instead of tupac's "thug life" which cracks me up... though it is is a little ridiculous... okay a lot ridiculous. keep up the good work.