Thursday, October 16, 2008


It's finally done! Check-check-check-check CHECK IT OUT!

It's the first episode in our four part "The Digital Pirates of Dark Water" saga, entitled, "Release Me!".

A big thanks go to Tim Martin for doing another amazing voice over job, to Andrew Kudlick and Jonah Beram for recording some awesome music, and to Dan Malloy for mixing this shit.

Oy vey, I'm going outside.

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Matt G said...

Hey man,

I've totally been waiting on pins and needles for the new short and it totally rocks. I show your site to anyone I know who likes good animation. Love the series and especially love the "She She She She's A Bombshell" movie. Here's to the next RDCCDX!

Knowing the slew of late nights, hard work and hand cramps that animation brings,

Matt G

Ben said...

Thanks a lot man! And thanks for showing the site around.

Yeah, she's a harsh mistress, this little thing called animation.

I peeped episode 1 of Pizza Jockeys and saw all the great work you put into that. It's nice to hear from an animator who knows all about the struggle to create the illusion of movement.

Keep fighting the good fight.

C.QUINN said...

great stuff......Im also working on a short film with 3 of my friends due out hopefully in may. keep up the good work. and keep posting stuff!

C.QUINN said...

voice over question. I also know a tim martin, who is also animator and is also a pretty good voice over guy....who does voices....and stuff. I wander if its the same tim martin?

Ben said...

Awesome, I'll check it out. Good luck with it, it's rough staying with deadlines.

The Tim Martin we use isn't an animator, he's an improviser friend in NYC. So I don't know think he's the same dude. . . but he could be living a double life. He's a mysterious man, a mysterious and hilarious man.

Stewart said...

Thanks! And congrats on fisnishing another short! Looking good. I am clueless as to the references, but funny none the less.

Kittrick said...

This is great! I'm really glad you explain how you're doing the animations in your blog, I'm always interested. Keep up the excellent work. If you ever need to outsource some voices for extras or something you've got a ready volunteer.

JW Advocate said...

I don't like it.

I mean, I don't get it. They're both assassins? But they're married? But...they're gonna kill eachother? Sorry.

Thankfully, for your sake, I'm too confused to be pissed off for having watched this.

JW Advocate said...

Oh, wait, wrong blog. Your cartoon was good, I enjoyed it.

I just get so mad sometimes, is all.

Ben said...

Haha, you never disappoint Mr. Williams.

And thanks again Stewart and Kittrick. I'm definitely going to keep posting about my animation methods, I'm glad they're interesting to somebody.

Anonymous said...

Loved it. The song right before the credits bears a striking similarity to the Aquabats "Awesome Forces!" though.

Danicus said...

This thing entertained the hell out of me. I crave more!

Ben said...


Yes, the end fight music was an homage of sorts to the Aquabats and their song Awesome Forces, as you can tell by my icon- I am a big fan.

I had originally envisioned the fight scene with the song, but did not want to disparage the anthem by shoving 10 seconds of it at the end of a short.

So I strong armed my music men into creating the piece you heard.