Friday, October 24, 2008


A big thanks to everyone who checked out the new Ronin Dojo cartoon, a huge thanks to Scott from VG Cats for posting about us again, and a large extra medium thanks for all the awesome comments- even that one that jokes about stalking us.

Anyways, some quick news. Matt and I whipped up another cartoon, just in time to be barely relevant. More on this later.

Remember to vote on November 4th, preferably for Barack Obama.

Fight For Your Rights & Robot Rights


andrewkudlick said...

haha, awesome.

JW Advocate said...

Giving him a takeout menu is still *giving* him something.

:: smo :: said...

yes!!!! awesome haha!

GOP fighting the evil terrorist organization COBRA...i mean the taliban? or al qaeda..or uhh...COBRA!