Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The head libraries for the upcoming episode of Ronin Dojo Community College are finally finished. Let me explain what your looking at besides a crappy cell phone picture. These folders contain the head libraries for 3 main characters and 1 smaller head library for a side character- who coincidentally has a smaller head than all of the main characters. Each main character has: 10 heads (which make up a full rotation), 4 sets of mouths, 7 sets of eyebrows, and 7 sets of eyes. It seems kinda confusing but I'll make a diagram of how it all plays out once I scan everything in.

Anyways, now we're onto the actual animating sorta. We have 18 shots to animate for this episode. Matt has already started on some of the tougher moves. You can check out a rough pencil test on his blog. Meanwhile, I still have a few tedious hurtles to jump over before I get to the tedious hurtles of creating the illusion of movement. Firstly, I had to draw this crowd shot.

I also have to work on the main background which, like crowd shots, can be tough for me. I really envy people who can draw and paint backgrounds, it's hard to do without making them seem clunky or flat. But whatever, I get by on my good looks and by tracing postcards for backgrounds. I don't think anyone noticed, but the backgrounds for IM IN UR MANGER- all traced postcards from Carson City, Nevada.

Think about it.

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dmac said...

Sweetness. More glorious workblog posts. Can't wait for the more detailed explanation of the head library stuff.

And seriously, in the time between when I get home and when I need to get a real job and move up to NYC (aka about October I think Kuddy and I agreed) I am more than happy to do any repetitive, monkey-like tasks to ensure the new animations meet their strict deadlines. Just let me know. Because as we all know, idle hands spend time at the genitals.

Ben said...

That'd be awesome dude, seriously. But beware it does get repetitive. But I bet if you came to Queens with a laptop and a DVD boxset of Twilight Zone or something it wouldn't be that bad.