Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Did Laura let you leave the house like that?

Man, the internet just keeps on amazing me. First that sneezing panda video and now my new short, IM IN UR MANGER KILLING UR SAVIOR, surpasses the 100,000 views mark on the ol' YouTube. And For Tax Reasons is also ranked #8 Most Subscribed Directors for this week. I think we owe this revived surge to the web comic VG Cats who linked us up recently. Thanks a lot Scott Ramsoomair.

Man, next time I introduce myself at a party I'll have to mention my YouTube accolades. That's GOTTA get me some respect. Now I just have to get invited to some parties. What use are sweaters if you never get invited to holiday parties? No use, that's what. And my Scholastic 101 Bug Jokes are going completely unused. Hey, why are spiders so good at baseball? Anyone, anyone?

In other news, I finished a black and white cut of the Ben Weasel music video for "Got My Number". Here's some stills:

It's not going to stay black and white, but I like the sharp contrast between the two. I might keep some of those hard black backgrounds and shadows and such in there. I dunno, I want to go for a Jaime Hernandez type thing.

Here's one of the shots. I think it's the one with the most drawings in it. Meh.

Until next time.

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dmac said...

Because they have an open circulatory system?