Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It must be coming towards us at a FANTASTIC speed!

It's been a hard working 3 day weekend leaving us with 3, count 'em, 3 shots left to animate before we go into post production for the new short- IIUM/KUS. Post production seems like an odd way to put it, I'm sure there's a better animation term. What I mean is before we have to scan in all of the shots, create a color scheme, color all the shots, composite them, edit down the audio, build and polish the entire soundtrack, and you know, decide it all sucks and wasn't worth it.

But there's still a bit of time before we realize it all sucks because the last 2 shots are going to be tough. In fact, the last shot is sorta like 8 seperate shots rolled into one, but whatever.

In the meantime here's a
a rough design for one of the characters in the last shot. This robot fellow is half an homage to Robo from Chrono Trigger, and half stolen ideas from Appleseed.

Now more than ever.

Robot rights.


Isaac said...

You just made me hella nostalgic for Chronotrigger. They need to get that shit on the Wii virtual console. Man, I didn't even remember Robo's existance! I'm such a bad player.

Ben said...

Sweet, Chrono Trigger is definitely one of my favorite games, up there with the Monkey Island series. That shit does need to get on the virtual console. I remember seeing the cartridges selling for like 60 bucks or something at Funcoland back in the day, but more people need to be privy to it's awesomeness in a non ROM setting.

darrell said...

Dude, off topic, but have you heard Lily Allen at all? She's awesome! Ska meets pop in the best way possible. She kicks Gwen Stefani's moron ass to the curb and back. Plus she covers The Specials' "Blank Expression." Good times. Check her out.

Ben said...

That's so funny I just heard of her like last week because my friend Erin was all excited to see her at the 9:30 club. She's good, I enjoy the like ska/reggae undertones in her beatz, but I had no clue she covers the Specials. I gotta check that out.

Jamie said...

no atomo, i superman

Ben said...

Good call, very good call. It does look a bit Iron Giant too.