Friday, February 16, 2007

Bo knows staffs

Pencil test time. I've been working on this shot for my upcoming short (code named: IIUM/KUS) for the past couple nights. Here's a rough test of a fellow getting hit with a staff. Not a bo-staff. I don't play like that. Either you call it a staff or a bow, no "bo-staffs" around me. Donatello has a bo, Gandalf has a staff, and I guess Robin Hood had a quarter staff. . . Look, that's just the way it is in my book. Saying bo-staff is like the equivalent of saying Japanimation.

Ok well it's probably not, I just googled it, and "bo staff" did show up on an online store called Karate Depot. But Wikipedia has an entry for BO'S not bo staffs. So yeah anyways, here's the shitty pencil test.

Cartoon violence is hard man. That amazing Warner Bros. crew did this shit the best. It is truly an art form, and after finally giving a go at it, I realize how awesome those animators were and how shitty I am.

Bo Jackson knows Robot Rights.


Zachary said...

I think "bo-staffs" as an acceptable term originated when kids said 'Donatello has a bo' and the child's parents looked at him and he quickly reverted to the easily understandable compromise of 'bo-staff.' Much like how the word katana-blade evolved into the more roman based word "sword" which in it's origin belonged to an object that we usually familiarize with the weapon of the "dagger."

darrell said...

I dunno, I gotta back Ben here. There are bos, and there are staffs, but there are no "bo-staffs"...unless you're Napoleon Dynamite. I dunno if it's the equivalent of "Japanimation" though. Japanimation is it's own abomination of linguistics. To me it's closer to the Psychotonomy words like "nutrition food" in that it has an unnecessary doubling of the meaning.

Ben said...

Dude, I was totally going to write nutrition food.

Hah on point.

Zachary said...

what I'm saying is that while it not a word, it is a compromise. one, kids want to say "bo", cause that's what it is, it's a bo, and two, to save the kid from saying "bo" and then having to explain what that is to his/her parents. I'm not saying it's pretty, I'm just saying I think I know where it stems from.

my girlfriend calls me her beau-staff. I don't have a girlfriend.

darrell said...

Okay, my bad. I think I read your first response as claiming that "bo-staff" is an acceptable term...which I believe it is not. However you were simply demonstrating the pedigree of the word. Fair enough.

I had to put on my vision goggles to be sure.