Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last post with a weather theme

My lasts two posts referenced the snow, and this one again is about the weather. I know, very mundane. But I was super pysched about it getting a tiny bit warm in New York. So I drew this.

Initially, I couldn't decide which warm weather outfit to put her in- so I made outfits for each season. I was pretty much playing dress up with my drawings. Whatever, I'm comfortable with that. I may break up each figure and make a separate season surrounding for them. I dunno.

Everyone in New York gets excited when it's a tad bit warmer. We're so brutally demoralized by walking in the winter, that any warmth feels like the Keys or something. Ok, enough weather talk.

In other news, I've almost finished updating the Ronin Dojo Community College DX heads. Last up, Mark. If you can't tell the difference between the old and the new- JUST LOOK AT HOW CROOKED THOSE EYES ARE. Man, so glad I have guides in Photoshop.

I also gave a little update to the For Tax Reasons website banner and logo. Following the nice pixel art tutorial on Derek Yu's site. I took our old logo:

And made this!
Whoops, that ear should be self-lined. Whatever, this won't probably stay as is for long. I am totally losing my hair, so eventually this will have to be updated to reflect Bald Ben. Comparing the two logos you can see I receded my hair line a little bit to keep it true to life.

Anyways, thanks to Derek Yu. That tutorial is super helpful. Also, thanks to Andrew WK. I just came back from his NYC show, and oh man it was awesome! I partied so hard I got diarrhea. Shwarma is not the thing to eat before you're gonna go jump up and down for an hour. I can't stop telling people about this.


Jordie Bellaire said...

Those heads are totally different. And yes, Yu's tutorial on pixel art is AWESOME. I feel like he should win an Oscar indirectly for that portrait.

Ben said...

I am vindicated.

Thanks. He should get something- at least a Golden Globe or a SAG award.

Ashley said...

You look lovely in a dress!

Rudy said...

man I was gonna go to the andrew WK show tonight but decided i should take things easy before workin tommorrow + django show tommorrow

rock n rooooolll

Ben said...

Why thank you. I've been wearing them since my high school days. The drawing doesn't show, but I think I got the legs for it.

Yeah you gotta pick your battles, Rudy.

Tyler Mentzer said...

I am totally looking forward to some new Ronin Dojo stuff...I need my fix.