Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lost In Space

I just roughed out head rotation for Agent Wilkins, a new character in the RDCCDX universe, voiced by Emily Tarver. Usually, I wouldn't make a full set of heads for a secondary character, but she's featured in the next two episodes of Ronin Dojo Community College DX: The Digital Pirates of Dark Water Saga, so she's getting the full treatment. We spare no expense here at the For Tax Reasons Spa, Resort & Drawatorium.

For those of you who don't often read my blog, I'll be pairing these with sets of mouths and eyes to be used for whenever she's on screen, yapping away.

And as if I didn't spend enough quality sedentary time at a scribbling around with pencils, I've started working on a music video for the awesome pop punk outfit Teenage Bottlerocket. I'm pretty psyched about it, I've been a fan of TBR since I saw them in Mrs. Jones' basement back in Silver Spring, MD. If you like solid catchy pop punk tune-age, check them out. By the way, that flyer above is old so don't go to the Cake Shop in 8 months and expect that line up.

This is a design idea for a girl in the video. Though to be honest, I hadn't drawn a girl in a while so I used it as an excuse to take a break from making shitty storyboards. She supposed to be a nurse, I drew her in scrubs because I didn't want to use that tired old sexy nurse Halloween outfit version that's in everything. If I did that, I might as well draw a doctor with one of those weird pizza cutter thing strapped to his head. It's time to update our cartoon archetypes people!

She's a Dove, She's A Fucking- Robot Rights


:: smo :: said...

i really like that teenage bottlerocket flyer! that's great!!!

ALSO! how do you like astoria? i need to find a new place and i've been looking mostly in brooklyn but i'm willing to branch out too!

Ben said...

Astoria is sweet. It's not the bustling young person hub like parts of Brooklyn, but people live there and hang out. I enjoy it. And if you like Greek food it's the place to be.